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Coach's Decision Competition Style Barbeque Catering

Coach's Decision is a small catering company based in the Kansas City area.  We prepare, deliver, and serve competition style barbeque lunches and dinners.  Our specialties are barbeque brisket, ribs, chicken, and pulled pork.  Meals come complete with a variety of sides.  Call Ryan Fuger at (816) 853-7489 for more information.

Best Ribs in the State of Kansas!  Coach's Decision Takes First Place in Ribs at the 16th Annual Great Lenexa BBQ Battle

Coach's Decision finished first in Ribs out of  184 teams to take the honer of state champion in the category.  Our score of 176.58 was our highest ever in any category and it helped propel us to a very respectable 25th place overall out of 184 competitors.   The Great Lenexa BBQ Battle is not only considered the Kansas State Championships, it's also the fifth largest BBQ competition in the world.           

Corporate Party of the Year at the American Royal!

Coach's Decision won the coveted "Corporate Party of the Year" award in recoginition for hosting the wildest, craziest, and most importantly, best catered party at the 2013 American Royal.    We made lots of friends and hope to see everyone again next year.  And by the way we did get down to business in the Open BBQ Competition, getting a call for our 10th place ribs and finishing 66th overall.  Not bad when you consider that the American Royal is considered the World Series of BBQ and with over 600 entrants is the largest competition of its kind in the world.  you have to beat a lot of the Pros we all see on TV to break the top 100 in anything at the Royal so, yeah, we're kind of proud of ourselves.           

Coach's Decision Takes 6th in Brisket, 13th in Pork, and 15th Overall at the Great Lenexa BBQ Battle

In what was our best showing to date Coach's Decision finished well in the top half in all four meat categories and wound up with a 15th place finish out of 185 teams at The Great Lenexa BBQ Battle.  Bolstered by Mark Debaun, our newest official team member, our Pork came in 13th place overall.  As if that weren't enough, Ryan's Brisket earned us our first top ten ever with a 6th place finish.  The Great Lenexa BBQ Battle is considered the Kansas State Championship and is one of the largest BBQ competitions in the World.

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Images Have Been Posted!

That's right.  I've finished posting pictures from the BBQ competitions we've entered so far.  From prep work to presentation box, it's all there.  Burnt chicken.  Beautiful ladies.  Milberger's socks.  Just use the Images link here or at the top right of every page screen.  Even threw in a few pics from a BBQ party at Amy and Ryan's from sometime in august of 2011.  

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T-Shirts Here!  Get Your T-Shirts!

Officially licensed Coach's Decision t-shirts and cooking gear are on the way.  Word is that classic  "Three Men and a Big Nerd," and "A 'Que Good Men," t-shirts will be making a comeback.

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